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Encrypt your iOS and Blackberry Backups

Author: ITS

Posted on Dec 17, 2015

Category: General Interest , IT Security , Tips and Tricks

A new breed of malware is targeting iOS and BlackBerry backup files by infecting the computer that holds the backups.iphone The new malware uses a strategy called “Backstab” to steal unencrypted backup data for iOS and Blackberry devices that are saved on infected computers. To protect yourself from this type of cyberattack, make sure your mobile device’s data is properly backed up and encrypted by following the instructions below: How to back up your BlackBerry device How to back up your iOS device Have an Android device? Although this specific attack doesn’t target Android, it’s still important to back up and encrypt your data to protect it from other types of malware. Many Android backup solutions exist, including backing up your device with Google. Learn more. For more information on Backstab and the malware that uses it, check out this article from Palo Alto Networks. #UNBarmYourself - Protect Yourself. Protect your Stuff, Protect UNB.