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Management Briefing - IT technical excellence illustrated

Author: ITS

Posted on Nov 12, 2015

Category: Management Briefings

ITS recently published a new Infographic highlighting metrics related to recent notable and successful IT
initiatives. Infographics are a great way to impart a lot of information concisely and in an attractive format,
but they necessarily skimp on details that might be of general interest. This briefing note gives a bit of
background on the projects and services featured this time around.

Mobility - It’s been just over a year since UNB migrated smartphone services to the infographicnew provider, Telus.
The switch has proven an unqualified success—not only is the university saving money, but users are
getting the full benefit of their devices free from worries about incidental charges for long distance, data
usage, or text messages. All these and more are rolled into the plans we have available. So far, cost savings
targets have been exceeded; we fully expect this to continue for the foreseeable future.

VOIP service - Another tremendous success for UNB, VOIP (Voice over IP, or network) continues to meet
all expectations for service and savings. Deployed on both the Fredericton and Saint John campuses, VOIP is
fully configured to handle emergency calls (911), and supports various call centers, auto attendant features,
plus a plethora of individual benefits including free voice mail. We recently passed the ‘million dollar’ mark,
that is, $1 million saved by using VOIP instead of our old analog phone lines, each individually subscribed
from the phone company.

UNB app - With thousands of downloads, the increasingly popular UNB app is constantly being updated
and new features added. It’s essential at the beginning of every term—with schedules,
class locations—right through to the end of term—to lookup final grades as soon as
they are released. New functionality on the horizon includes course registration and
better campus maps.

myUNB - The portal was accessed 6 million times last year by students, staff, and
faculty alike, making it by far the most important web‐based tool UNB provides. Rich in
social media, the portal keeps users up to date on UNB events, news, and
cancellations, and provides direct access to all the important internal services and
systems that are the lifeblood of the UNB’s IT environment. myUNB is also the
jumping‐off point to the vast student‐focused cloud services that provide unlimited
email and file storage capacity.

Eduroam - Use of this international service has skyrocketed in recent years‐‐three‐quarters of a million
successful logins by visitors to our campuses in the last year are just the beginning. Eduroam allows wi‐fi
users at participating institutions to ‘hitch a ride’ on local networks because trust relationships set up ahead
of time eliminate the need for establishing or using special login credentials every time someone needs to
use wireless on their own devices. Because of its convenience, UNB travelers used the system almost
200,000 times last year!

Head Hall data centre renovation - Almost complete, this crucial project ensures UNB can rely on stateof‐
the‐art computing facilities for many years to come. We’ve increased capacity and efficiency, while
reducing overall costs. The data centre will continue to house not only UNB IT gear, but also that of partner
schools; furthermore, it is home to innovative shared services infrastructure, serving the entire higher
education sector in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Polls - One of the most popular features to be found on UNB’s websites, Polls change frequently, and users
get a big kick out of seeing their responses added instantly to overall results. Found on the myUNB portal,
Polls were accessed ninety thousand times last year alone.

Terry Nikkel, AVP, ITS, November 6, 2015