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Avoid Copyright Infringement and Malware Stop downloading illegally

Author: ITS

Posted on Nov 19, 2015

Category: General Interest , Our Community , IT Security

When you illegally download music, movies, or even software on a UNB computer, you’re not just breaking the law and jeopardizing yourself and UNB – you’re also jeopardizing your device’s security.stop sign Many third party websites that offer software and media for free are also bundling those products with malicious software without you even knowing. Your “free” movie may cost you online credentials, steal money from your online banking or even lock you out of your device entirely. It’s not just your information that malware is after. If you have contact lists saved on your device, it can attempt to send emails with malicious links to your colleagues, friends, and family members. Protect yourself, protect your stuff, and protect UNB – learn more about copyright infringement and malware at go.unb.ca/itsecurity . #UNBarmYourself