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Protect Your Stuff - Mobile Security more important than ever

Author: ITS

Posted on Oct 22, 2015

Category: IT Security , General Interest , Our Community

Cybercriminals are relentlessly targeting people’s mobile devices – and they’re using new ways to do it. Although manufacturers are making sure their devices are airtight from cyberattacks, vulnerabilities are found that allow criminals to squeeze through the gaps. Below are 5 ways that you can close the gap and protect your device from cyberattacks.
  1. Use a password! Smart phones come preloaded with iphonespassword protection features, and using one can protect your information in the event of your device being stolen.
  2. Download an anti-virus app from your device’s official app store. Top anti-virus companies have apps available that you can use to scan and clean out unwanted files on your mobile device.
  3. Use Android Device Manager/Find my iPhone App. If you lose your mobile device, Apple and Android have you covered. The longer your phone remains missing, the greater the chances become that someone finds it and tries to steal information off of it.
  4. Use a lightweight Flashlight App. The top flashlight apps on official app stores are doing more than just turning your camera flash on. They are also recording your usage and information without you even knowing. Find a flashlight app that is under 1MB in size to ensure it isn’t stealing information.
  5. Do NOT download apps from unofficial app stores. The Google Play Store and the iTunes Store are the safest place to download apps from.
Need help getting started with your mobile security? Visit go.unb.ca/itsecurity and arm yourself with the tools you need to protect your device. #UNBarmYourself