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Is Microsoft Office on your wish list Download it for FREE from UNB

Author: ITS

Posted on Oct 22, 2015

Category: Our Community , IT Announcements , General Interest

Are you in need of the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, etc.) and considering downloading it illegally to save yourself some money?freeoffice 

Avoid the risks – students, faculty, and staff can download the full Microsoft Office Suite from UNB, for free! Download the full suite now.

Why is downloading software illegally such a big risk?

Not only is it against the law, there is also a very good chance you’re going to get more than what you asked for. Malicious software hides in free software, waiting for an unsuspecting user to download it. If your computer becomes infected with malware, any information saved on your computer is at risk of being stolen.

Protect yourself, protect your stuff, and protect UNB - never download anything illegally on your personal computer, or a UNB computer.