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Take extra security steps to protect your Android device

Author: ITS

Posted on Sep 24, 2015

Category: IT Security , Geek Speak , General Interest

A recent article by CBS News has announced that malware targeting Android devices is still on the rise, with dangerous vulnerabilities being discovered and jeopardizing millions of devices.phone Since the recent discovery of the Stagefright vulnerability, manufacturers have been working  quickly to find solutions to ensure Android devices are safe and secure; however,  cyber criminals continue to hunt for new, discrete ways to steal information from users by cracking into their devices. Why are cyber criminals so interested in Androids? Many people store banking information, contact lists, and other personal information on their mobile devices, making them very valuable targets. How can you protect your device and information from an attack? Most infections can be avoided by not rooting/jailbreaking your device, and only downloading apps from legitimate sources, such as the Google Play Store. You can also take your device security one step further by downloading an Anti-Virus app and running scans periodically to ensure your device is clean and safe. For more information on the rise of Malware targeting Android devices, visit the CBS News Article. For tips on how you can better protect yourself, visit ITS’s Safe Computing website.