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Windows 10 What you need to know before installing on your Home computer

Author: ITS

Posted on Aug 6, 2015

Category: Tips and Tricks , General Interest

Are you thinking about upgrading to Windows 10 on your home computer? Here’s what you need to know about Wi-Fi Sense, one of Windows 10’s newest features.network cables

What is Wi-Fi Sense?

Wi-Fi Sense shares an encrypted version of your Wi-Fi password with your contacts from Skype, Outlook, and even Facebook when they try to connect to your network.

Wi-Fi Sense will prompt you when you first connect to a password-protected network if you want to share access. Opt out at this stage to avoid sending your encrypted Wi-Fi password to Microsoft.

Learn more about Wi-Fi Sense at Microsoft’s FAQ page.

Note: Windows 10 is not supported yet at UNB, and we recommend you don’t upgrade until it is to ensure it will work properly with all your UNB IT Services.