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Users on dating site catching more than just fish

Author: ITS

Posted on Aug 26, 2015

Category: General Interest , IT Security

With the recent hack of an Adult Dating website that led to millions of users’ account information being released, it may be a good time for other dating websites to re-evaluate their level of security.hook Let’s start with Plenty of Fish (POF), whose users also recently came under attack in a different way – through third party advertisements on the POF website. Recent visitors to www.pof.com may be sent elsewhere if an ad is clicked, which takes them to a malicious site that installs malware onto their computer. How is this done? The ad points users to the Nuclear exploit kit attack tool, which exploits known vulnerabilities in browser plugins. This can lead to discretely installing malware onto your computer without you even knowing it’s happening. To prevent malicious attacks such as this from impacting your web browsing, make sure your computer and software is updated to the latest version, such as Adobe having the latest security patch. For more information on the malicious attack on POF, visit CSO Online’s article.