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Posted on Jul 29, 2015

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As a proud member of CANARIE’s Canadian Access Federation (CAF), UNB students, faculty and staff are able to access eduroam, a free, secure wi-fi network, at over 80 institutes across Canada simply using their UNB Login Credentials.eduroam

Have you been to a conference at another university and wasn’t sure if Wi-Fi would be available? Next time you can plan ahead and check if they are a member of CAF. If so, you can eliminate the inconvenience of requesting Wi-Fi access as a Guest. Find out where eduroam is available in Canada.

eduroam doesn’t just stop in Canada – it’s available at over 3000 institutes globally. The next time you plan to do any travelling overseas, just visit a participating institute and you’ll be able to easily catch up with friends, family, and colleagues, check your email, and surf the web. Plan your next trip with eduroam in mind.

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