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15 tons of E-Waste recycled by UNBSJ since 2010

Author: ITS

Posted on Jul 22, 2015

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Since November 2010, UNBSJ has been partnered with Atlantic E-Waste Solutions (AES) and recycled approximately 15 tons of computer equipment from the UNB Saint John campus. AES has in turn been able to recycle roughly 85% of that material, leaving only approximately 15% to end up in landfill.recycle

How do you get your old UNB-owned equipment recycled?

It’s as simple as contacting the UNBSJ PCS group and, depending on the situation, either bringing your equipment to them, or having them pick it up for you. PCS will next determine if your equipment is reusable or not. If it is reusable, the equipment is relocated on campus as needed. If it isn’t reusable, the UNB Asset tags are removed and returned to Asset management for tracking purposes, and the old equipment is sent to UNBSJ’s E-Waste recycling partners.

What about your data?

Worried about information on an old hard drive? PCS will always drill holes and dismantle any removable hard drives before sending them to be recycled so no one can access your information.

What else does UNBSJ do for E-Waste Recycling?

UNBSJ doesn’t stop just at UNB-owned equipment. They also hold an annual community event partnered with E-Waste Recycler ResNet, where communities in Saint John can bring their old computers, TV’s and other equipment to be recycled.

Last year, with the help of their partners and volunteers, UNBSJ was able to fill a 52 foot long trailer with over 11,000 pounds of E-waste in just over two hours!

This year’s event is set for September 12. If you have old equipment lying around and need to get rid of it, save it for the E-Waste Recycling Community Event.

While PCS conducts the annual Community E-Waste Day at UNBSJ, they continue to ask the Minister of Environment for New Brunswick to participate in the National E-Waste Recycling Program (ERP) in hopes that a provincial E-Waste program will be made available for all residents, year round.

For more information on E-Waste recycling at UNBSJ, please contact the PCS Group.