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Just when you thought Malware couldn t get any worse Watch out for Crimeware

Author: ITS

Posted on Jun 10, 2015

Category: IT Security , General Interest , Our Community

Malicious software can come in all shapes and forms, but the most dangerous form is Crimeware.thief

What is Crimeware?

Crimeware is malicious software designed to expressly perform illegal online activities, typically implemented by organized crime.

The latest from this category is a Trojan Horse known as Zeus or Zbot, that attempts to steal any confidential information from compromised machines.

If your computer becomes compromised from visiting sites infected with malware or unintentionally downloading an infected file, Trojans such as Zeus can slip in and steal your personal and UNB information.

To prevent crimeware like Zeus from impacting you, make sure you only visit trusted sites and download files from trusted sources.

For more tips on how to better protect yourself online, visit UNB’s Safe Computing webpage.