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Don t let your Android device get locked for ransom

Author: ITS

Posted on May 13, 2015

Category: IT Security , General Interest , IT Announcements

A new ransomware is on the loose, targeting Android users in Canada. This new malicious software has the ability to make your Android device almost unusable by locking screens and displaying fake lockgovernment warnings.

The malware is reported to slip onto devices from unofficial app stores that advertise adult content and, once in place, locks your phone and demands a ransom to be paid via PayPal to unlock the device.

Infected devices are currently in the thousands, but that could quickly rise if the malware spreads to more websites.

To prevent this threat, avoid unofficial app stores; instead, stick to the Play Store or other trustworthy sources for all your apps.

For more information on this new threat, check out this article in SC Magazine.