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Where will you find your next Easter Egg

Author: ITS

Posted on Apr 1, 2015

Category: General Interest

With Easter just around the corner, why not mix it up this year and search the web for Easter eggs! No... not ACTUAL eggs, we’re talking about eastereggvirtual kind - hidden messages and features that developers hide either on their website, or in software. To help you get started on your hunt, here are a few virtual Easter eggs that the tidBiTS team found: 1)      If you are a frequent visitor of www.kickstarter.com you will like this! At the bottom of their webpage, click the small scissor icon. kickstarteregg 2)      www.skybet.com went out of their way to cover their customers when visiting the website from work. Click the little guy icon above the Facebook icon. skybetegg 3)      HEMA, a retail store’s website should have a warning on their website to NOT touch the cup! hemaegg You never know where you will find your next Easter egg while surfing the web. Google also has plenty of Easter eggs for you to discover. Try typing Tilt in Google Search. Enjoy your Easter weekend and have fun hunting for those Easter eggs!