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Management Briefing - New Enterprise Web Strategy

Author: ITS

Posted on Apr 1, 2015

Category: Management Briefings


PET recently approved the third consecutive UNB Web Strategy sponsored jointly by ITS and C&M; the earlier editions have worked well, and have provided UNB with a solid foundation of state-of-the-art web infrastructure that is highly usable on a multitude of devices and platforms. However, while the web continues to be a critical information communication and marketing asset to the university, it changes quickly, and a serious gap in the enterprise’s ability to keep content fresh and appealing has emerged. This strategy is aimed at closing this gap.

Web strategy values and principles

1. Provide value – to meet the appropriate information, teaching and learning, administrative, communications and marketing needs of the enterprise, and to employ web technology to increase enterprise efficiency and save money.
2. Superb student experience – to provide a rich variety of content in ways that meet current and future technology expectations, grow traffic, and appropriately reflect the brand values of UNB, all in a safe, secure, and highly usable web environment.
3. Complement and support the Mobility Strategy—to ensure that important web-based resources and services are available to users on a variety of physical devices, especially small form factors such as smartphones and tablets.
4. Community platform – to encourage identification with UNB, to build awareness of available resources, and to make resources and services easily accessible.
5. Coherent, inter-related structure – to make movement between the various web areas, particularly UNB.ca, InsideUNB, and myUNB, intuitive and seamless.
6. Enterprise scope – to ensure consistent, reliable, secure, and flexible web solutions for all users, whoever they are and wherever they may be.

Web leadership

UNB.ca development and maintenance is led collaboratively by Communications and Marketing. C&M is beefing up its staff to improve content development, creation, and maintenance across the public facing website; when fully deployed, these resources will help faculties and units keep their web pages fresh, and will measure and monitor their effectiveness. C&M is also working with ITS to implement the university’s new brand on top level pages by the middle of August. InsideUNB development and maintenance is led by ITS, in close collaboration with all units, and is designed to accommodate all publicly available, non-branded web services and resources that serve the UNB community. MyUNB web portal development and maintenance is led collaboratively by ITS, and houses all authenticated web services at UNB, and facilitates their use with single sign on (FYI, a new myUNB portal interface is being launched April 26). Finally, UNB’s web strategy defines the governance and management framework for websites and assets. On-the-ground support staff in ITS, C&M, and the units ensure that web infrastructure, design, and content is up-to-date and reflects university priorities. A strategic management group defines and oversees implementation of the strategy, while the Enterprise IT Advisory committee broadly determines that the web environment meets the needs of the university, and that a strategic planning process is articulated and followed.

Terry Nikkel, AVP, ITS, March 31, 2015