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Is your Android Device actually turned off New PowerOffHijack Malware works when you think your phone is shutdown

Author: ITS

Posted on Apr 8, 2015

Category: IT Security , IT Announcements

Have you ever considered downloading an app from an unofficial Android App store? Here’s a reason NOT TO.zzz

A new malware threat that arose earlier this year is lurking in unofficial app stores waiting to hijack your phone’s shutdown process.

Just when you think you’ve shut down your phone,  the PowerOffHijack malware goes to work recording audio, making outgoing calls, taking pictures, and more, all while your device’s screen is black and appears to be turned off.

How do you avoid infections like this?

Update your device to the latest version, and avoid unofficial app stores at all cost.

Even if you don’t turn your device off very often doesn’t mean you’re not at risk of other malware threats when you download from untrusted sources. Stay alert and always check the source, and make sure to only download apps from the official Android App Store.

For more information on the PowerOffHijack malware, visit AVG’s article on how it works.