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Bon Voyage Set up your Away Greeting so others know you re not in the office

Author: ITS

Posted on Apr 8, 2015

Category: General Interest , Tips and Tricks

Are you planning to go on vacation to enjoy some warm weather? Or maybe you’re doing some home renovations?vacation

Whatever the reason for taking some time off, make sure to set your Away Greeting on your VoIP phone so others know you’re out of the office.  After you have set up your VoIP away greeting, you will also be prompted to set up automatic email replies.

To set up an Out-of-Office greeting:

  1. Go to your UNB voicemail.
  2. When prompted, enter your PIN.
  3. Say "Personal Options" or press 6 (if using touchtone interface).
  4. Press 2 for 'record greetings' then 2 again to record a greeting for when you're away.
  5. Follow the prompts to record a greeting:
    1. Press 1 to record your greeting
    2. Press # after finishing recording
    3. Press 1 to accept recording, 2 to re-record or 3 to delete and use the default Outlook Voice Access greeting
  6. Press * to return to the Personal Options menu.
  7. Press 1 to turn on the away greeting.
  8. After listening to your recording, press 1 to accept, 2 to re-record, or 3 to delete and use the default Outlook Voice Access greeting.
  9. Once your away message has been turned on, you will be prompted to turn on automatic email replies.
  10. Press 1 to turn on automatic out of office email replies or press * to decline and return to the Personal Options menu.

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