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Record your name for VoIP Listen to it on Outlook

Author: ITS

Posted on Mar 26, 2015

Category: Our Community , General Interest

Did you know? Thanks to the integration of your VoIP voicemail with UNB email, you can listen to your colleagues’ voice recording of their name from their Voicemail within your Outlook client so you know exactly how to pronounce their name before meeting them in person.

To do this, within your Outlook client just hover your mouse over their name in the To: or From: field in an email and look for the speaker icon next to their name.


When you click on this icon, the voice recording of their name from their Voicemail will be played.

Don’t see the speaker icon next to someone’s name? This could be because they didn’t record their name when first setting up their Voicemail.

To record your name after your Voicemail has already been setup, log into your voicemail using your VoIP phone and choose Personal Options, then #2 for Greetings, and finally #3 for Recorded Name.