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Find out when your department s meeting rooms are available with the Outlook Scheduling Assistant

Author: ITS

Posted on Feb 18, 2015

Category: Tips and Tricks , General Interest

Are you trying to book a meeting, but are unsure which room is available in your department?

With Microsoft Outlook’s scheduling assistant, you can view the availability of not only one meeting room, but many at once so you can quickly find one that’s free.


When you are booking a meeting, simply click on the Scheduling Assistant tab and select ‘Add Rooms…’

From there, check the ‘More columns’ option and search by your department name for a list of meeting rooms near you. 

By double clicking several rooms, you can then view their schedules in the Scheduling Assistant. 

Outlook’s Scheduling Assistant will also help with setting a time for your meeting by reviewing the availability of all your attendees and meeting rooms. This can be seen in the bottom right hand corner of the window under ‘suggested times’.

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