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New malware targeting UNB emails

Author: ITS

Posted on Jan 29, 2015

Category: General Interest , IT Announcements

Have you received an email alerting you of receiving a fax?

In the newest wave of malware hitting UNB, an email from NBED (New Brunswick Education) has been making its way to UNB mailboxes, notifying users  they have received a fax via  email with a zip folder attached.

This zip folder would normally contain an infected file that could do significant damage to your computer.,  In most cases, however, UNB’s automatic security features have already taken care of it! Instead, in its place you will find a plain text document stating what has been removed.

Malware attacks can be tricky to recognize, especially when they claim to be coming from a source you would normally trust, like NBED.Learn how to recognize these attacks and prevent malware from infecting your personal and UNB files by visiting UNB Safe Computing website.