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Management Briefing IT Support Services for Researchers

Author: ITS

Posted on Dec 5, 2014

Category: Management Briefings


ITS has long supported researchers’ IT needs; from server hosting, to network customization, to
operating system administration, the range of services is vast. However, it has been observed on
occasion that some researchers do not take full advantage of ITS resources and services, whether from
lack of awareness, misunderstanding about support available, or too little time, to name just a few
reasons. In response, Research Support Services within ITS has been established to provide focused,
relevant, and expert IT consulting and services directly to researchers in all disciplines, across UNB.
This mission is carried out by knowledgeable staff familiar with researcher needs and challenges;
research support is a high priority within ITS, and is designed to facilitate successful research outcomes.

Consulting services

ITS has designed a comprehensive and coordinated approach to researcher support. We are experts on
applying technology solutions to unique problems—for example, deploying standard mobile devices for
remote sensing and data collection and reporting, or configuring secure, private networking for
sensitive information processing. We help researchers understand and plan for hardware and
software lifecycles, ensuring research grants and other funding is used effectively and accomplishes its purposes. 
We start from the ground up, advising researchers on what IT components to include in proposals, 
participating in the proposal review process, then assisting in the procurement and set up processes as needed. 
We routinely supply detailed information on specific equipment, configuration, maintenance, and renewal 
costs, so researchers can be confident their IT needs will be met within budget, at the right scale, and exactly when needed.
Finally, we provide guidance on how to keep your research IT environment safe and secure—your data
and systems are tempting targets for many around the world.

It all starts with the network

The New Brunswick Research and Education Network (NBREN) circles and crosses the province with
high‐speed, high‐bandwidth fibre‐optic cable, providing researchers with state‐of‐the‐art network
capability and capacity. ITS has operated the research network in New Brunswick for over 40 years. The
latest upgrades, installed just 3 years ago, provide redundancy throughout the province, ensuring the
network is just about always available, in just about any conditions, from weather events to accidental
cable damage. The NBREN connects through the UNB hub to national and international networks,
providing direct, cost‐effective links to higher‐ed institutions and research centres and high‐use services
such as Google, Microsoft, Desire2Learn, and many more.

Contact us today

IT consulting support is available at no cost. Just contact Peter Jacobs at 3035 or jacobs@unb.ca.

November 26, 2014 – Terry Nikkel, AVP, ITS