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Your IT Services during Post-Tropical Storm Arthur

Author: ITS

Posted on Jul 24, 2014

Category: Our Community , IT Announcements

If you were checking in with UNB during Post-Tropical storm Arthur, you may have noticed that your IT Services were still up and running, treeregardless of UNB’s Fredericton campus being without power for multiple days beginning Saturday, July 5.

Thanks to an industry-scale generator and large batteries that keep data centres, servers, and networks up and running, your IT services are able to perform flawlessly without disruption during severe weather and other events such as Arthur.

Most UNB faculty, staff and students likely aren’t aware that every building on campus has at least one IT networking and data room with back-up batteries. This allows buildings that are not connected to a generator to operate independently until the batteries are depleted. By Tuesday July 8, IT Services across the Fredericton campus were 100% operational. This exceeded many people’s expectations, after the serious event that left over 50 000 people without power in the Fredericton region.