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Phishing for Money

Author: ITS

Posted on May 21, 2014

Category: Geek Speak , General Interest , IT Security

Online scammers are getting more creative every day to try and steal your information.phishing One of the latest scams to surface is a very elaborate Netflix phishing scam. It has since been taken down, but shows just how far scammers and phishers are willing to go. Created by a team of tech support scammers located in India, victims received an e-mail outlining that unusual activity has been detected on their account, which has suspended their username. To reactivate their account, they must contact member Services at a 1 800 number. If you called this number, it would sound like any ordinary call center. You would first speak with a Customer Service Representative, and then be transferred to Tech Support. After convincing the victims to download third party remote access software, the scammers were able to take control of the victims’ computers and discretely search for any banking information, while appearing to solve the problem. They also attempted to charge the victims a fee for “fixing” their account. In less than five minutes, these scammers were able to gain access to everything they needed. To get the full story on this latest phishing scam, click here. For more information on Phishing and Email Security, visit ITS’s Email Security website.