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Read like a US President

Author: ITS

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Category: Tips and Tricks , General Interest

Mount Rushmore Want to get through the reading for your next class in a matter of minutes rather than hours?

One of the most monotonous things about university can be the incredible amount of reading that has to be done. It’s not uncommon to have to read 75, 1000 or even 150 pages from your textbook before your next class! And that’s even on top of all the other readings you have to do for your other classes.

So how can you get through all these readings and even have some time to spare afterwards?

By speed reading of course!

But what is speed reading?

Speed reading is a method of reading that stops you from saying the words of the text in your heads as you read, thus allowing you to read much faster.

Many US Presidents were proponents of speed reading, including former US President Theodore Roosevelt who was known to read an entire book before breakfast.

So how can you learn to speed read?

By checking out Spreeder.com.

Spreeder.com allows you to input text and set the proper Words Per Minute (WPM) to force you to read without repeating the words in your head yet still understand the text. Spreeder also allows you to set how many words are shown at a time to allow you to read in blocks, even furthering your ability to read quickly.

Happy reading!