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Google Keep all your sticky notes in one place

Author: ITS

Posted on Feb 19, 2014

Category: General Interest , Tips and Tricks

Using sticky notes for reminders is very helpful.

You can stick them wherever is most convenient for you - on your fridge, your monitor or even in your car.

One problem with sticky notes though, is that they are easily lost and frequently become unstuck.

So how can you keep your reminders organized and in a handy location without losing them?

With Google Keep.

Google Keep allows you to have all of your reminders in one place – your Google account – so they’re with you no matter where you go.  Just write a reminder, color code it, then set a time for when you would like your reminder to go off.  Using the Google Keep app and your phone’s built in GPS, Google can even set off the reminder as soon as you arrive at a predetermined location.

Access Google Keep from your laptop or desktop, or from your iOS or Android device.