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IT Advisory - Do not install new LinkedIn Intro App on iOS devices

Author: ITS

Posted on Oct 25, 2013

Category: IT Announcements , General Interest

The Information Technology Services Security Team is advising the UNB community not to install the new LinkedIn "Intro" App on any UNB-owned or personal Apple smartphones or tablets. This new app reconfigures iOS devices to route emails from the device through LinkedIn's servers. It does this by changing the security profile on devices, which LinkedIn or someone able to hack LinkedIn, could then use for other purposes such as installing additional applications or removing applications, restricting functionality or wiping your device.

While the new LinkedIn Intro app does not support UNB email accounts, it does work with gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, and AOL accounts. Installing this service with a cloud-based email account could result in the compromise of your Apple device.

The IT Security Team is concerned about the manner in which this new LinkedIn app is delivered, is accessing and altering devices, is storing and altering emails and may create potential privacy issues.

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