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Create Pages with Visual Impact

Author: ITS

Posted on Oct 16, 2013

Category: Design Desk

We've all heard the saying - a photo is worth a thousand words.

But do you want a thousand good words or a thousand not-so-good words?

That's the difference between a photo or image that's just thrown up onto a website and one that is carefully selected and edit.

As part of the UNB web refresh, Information Technology Services (ITS) is working closely with Communications & Marketing to help faculties and departments find, select and use the best photos possible for their web pages. This work is being done by our multi-department Web Operations Team (Web Ops). During the recent refresh in mid-August, you may have noticed some old images that appeared in the page banners of websites have been replaced. This was due to many of the older images not meeting the size requirements for our new design.

Over the next few months, your faculty or department can request additional custom images for your website for banners, or what we call billboards, which are the large images on some faculty homepages, by emailing webops@unb.ca. If you have a photo in mind, please send it with your request. Our Web Ops team will review the photo to see if it will work with our size and quality requirements and will discuss the concepts for the graphics with Communications & Marketing. Once Communications & Marketing has approved, someone from the Web Ops team will place the new graphic in your site.

This same process applies for new ad blocks.