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Big changes to student printing coming mid-August

Author: ITS

Posted on Aug 2, 2013

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Students – How you pay for printing on-campus is changing. But don’t worry, we’re making it easier than ever.

Beginning mid-August, you will have to deposit money on your UCard to print from lab or personal computers on-campus.

What is your UCard? Your UCard is the recently renamed UNB Photo ID. So, if you have your UNB photo ID, you already have the UCard.

Two easy ways add money to your UCard:

  1. Online:
    1. UCard Online – Accessed from the Quick Launch menu in your myUNB Portal < https://my.unb.ca/ >, UCard Online accepts Visa or MasterCard or a prefilled credit card to add money to your UCard. Don’t have a credit card of your own? Parents, friends and relatives can also put money on your UCard using the UCard Online Gift Deposit option found on the UCard website < www.unb.ca/ucard >.
  2. In Person:
    1. UNBF - UNB Card Office - Visit the UNB Card office located upstairs in the SUB (room 106) to deposit money on your UCard using cash, credit or debit.
    2. UNBSJ - UCard PHIL Station (coming soon) – At the end of the month, you will be able to visit our new UCard PHIL Station on-campus to deposit cash onto your UCard. Stay tuned for more details to come. 

Once you’ve deposited money onto your UCard, just print like normal and your print job will automatically be deducted from your UCard account.

What about the print credits I had left over from before?

Don’t worry, any print credits you purchased before the switch will still be available to you. This previous print balance will be used before you see printing deductions on your UCard balance.

How will I check my print credit balance after August?

To check the balance on your UCard, just go to UCard Online (accessed through your myUNB Portal) and check the balance in your general account. Funds running low? Simply click ‘+Add Money’ to add more.

Any print refunds or credits you previously purchased will continue to display by hovering your mouse over the dollar sign in the bottom right hand corner of the desktop on lab computers.

Where can I learn more about my UCard?

Printing isn’t the only thing you can do with your UCard. Learn more by visiting the UCard website < www.unb.ca/ucard >


Contact the ITS Help Desk by email < mailto:helpdesk@unb.ca > or call 453-5199.