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Keeping up to date

Author: ITS

Posted on Jul 10, 2013

Category: Geek Speak , General Interest

We all keep up to date on the latest gossip, sports and news. But how many keep their web browser up to date?

Here are a few reasons why you should update Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or whatever browser you may use, to the latest version:

  • Security reasons: An updated browser means you will have the most up-to-date protection against online threats
  • Those annoying times when a webpage doesn’t display properly? That’s because it may not be supported by an older version of your browser
  • Who doesn’t love more features? Updates browsers may offer you more than older versions so you could be missing out!
  • Have a favourite website bookmarked? Don't want to lose it? Don't worry, when you update your browser it will remember all your old bookmarks so they're there waiting for you after the update.
  • It’s free and only takes a minute!