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On iCloud Nine

Author: ITS

Posted on Jun 5, 2013

Category: Geek Speak , General Interest

Your stomach drops when you try to turn on your iPhone and the screen stays black. Maybe you dropped it in a puddle, or maybe it’s just time to get a new iPhone, either way you need to find a way to retrieve your contacts, messages, and other valuables on your phone.

Luckily you backed your phone up to iCloud.

iCloud allows you to store your music, the hundreds – if not more – photos you’ve taken with your friends, contacts – probably one of the most important ones – your calendar, and more.

But, it’s not just for your iPhone. iCloud can be used on your iPhone, iMac, and iPad.

When you back up your next Apple device simply click your device and check off “back up to iCloud.”

Need to see how to set it up? Click here to see how to set up your device.

For more information on what iCloud has to offer click here.