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Now you see me now you don t

Author: ITS

Posted on Jun 13, 2013

Category: General Interest , Geek Speak

The 10 second self-destructing app

Let’s be honest, we’ve all sent a photo of ourselves to friends where we look, let’s say, less than desirable. Or maybe we didn’t send any because we didn’t want our friends to have an embarrassing photo of ourselves they can use against us later.

If only there was an app that allowed you to send a photo or video and after a one to 10 second duration it self-destructs … oh wait, there is!

Snapchat is the new, and one of the hottest, apps for all Smart phones.

But how does it work, exactly?

  • Step 1: Open Snapchat
  • Step 2: Take the photo or video you want to send
  • Step 3: Set the duration of time you want your photo to be seen. It can be set for one to 10 seconds.
  • Step 4: Proceed to your contacts list and choose who you would like to see the photo.
  • Step 5: Hit send, and wait for the funny photos and video responses to come your way.

There are also some rules to follow when receiving a Snapchat.

When you receive a photo or video you must keep your finger on the screen to let you see the image. Once you move your finger, or those 10 seconds are up, the photo is gone forever.

… unless you screen shot it, of course. A message will be sent to the sender if you do, so choose your screen shots wisely.

So the next time you aren’t looking “your best” but have something funny to send, Snapchat your friends! Let’s just hope they aren’t quick enough to save your photo.