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Management Briefing - The ITS Mobility Strategy

Author: ITS

Posted on Mar 28, 2013

Category: Management Briefings

The vision for mobile technology utilization at UNB We will deploy innovative mobile technologies that support the university’s commitment to easy and convenient delivery of UNB resources and services, using high‐quality tools and services that enrich the academic, administrative, and social fabric of the institution. Our emphasis is on convenience and ease of use, and we are willing to act quickly, taking measured risks to ensure timely responses to the mobility needs and preferences of students and others. We vigorously support the demands of technological change; enthusiastic adoption of mobile technology, where feasible and practical, means the university will be perceived as contemporary and ahead of its peers. Strategic goals ‐ 2013 1. Provide an exceptional and transformative student experience:           a. Support technologies that students use and want i. Within 1 year we will complete an enterprise-wide user needs analysis and integrate decision-making into the ITS portfolio management process b. Meet expectations for easy access to data ii. Within 1 year we will review major enterprise applications to identify mobility security needs c. Deliver services and resources via mobile platforms iii. Within 1 year we ill provide web or app access to at least 1 enterprise service 2. Build a better university: d. Encourage use of new technology iv. Within 1 year we will upgrade the wireless networks on both campuses, ensuring adequate capacity and bandwidth to support ubiquitous mobile connectivity e. Develop an appropriate policy framework v. Within 1 year we will review, revise, and expand the ICT Acceptable Use Policy, and identify other affected policies, and we will develop guidelines and practices as appropriate f. Provide technical support vi. Within 1 year we will open the mobility center on the Fredericton campus, and equip the Help Desk to be the first line of expert mobility technical support for students, staff, and faculty g. Protect university assets vii. Within 1 year we will define standards and best practices for off-campus transport and use of institutional data

               Terry Nikkel, Associate Vice President, ITS – March 28, 2013