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See results of the latest myUNB poll with the new myUNB Poll Results Page

Author: ITS

Posted on Dec 7, 2011

Category: myUNB Portal Project , General Interest

Have you ever wondered how your fellow classmates, staff or faculty members voted in the latest myUNB poll? Put your curiosity to rest with the new myUNB poll results webpage!

With colourful graphs and an easy to use Time Frame bar, the myUNB poll results page is a fun way to see how people voted on all the latest myUNB polls. Just select which month(s) you want to see the results from using the Time Frame bar, then all the poll questions from that time period will appear in a bar graph for you to look over.  Move your mouse over any of the bars in the graph and you'll get a summary of the total votes for that poll question, or, click directly on the bar and you'll see which answer got the most votes. Click again, and you'll even get a break down of how many students, grad students, staff and faculty chose that answer when they cast their vote.

Get to know the UNB community a little better – check out the myUNB poll results webpage by clicking on the 'See previous polls' link under the current myUNB poll or by clicking here.

myUNB Poll Results Page