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ITS Staff Favourites Favourite Holiday Movie

Author: ITS

Posted on Dec 14, 2011

Category: Our Community , General Interest

This month, we asked three ITS staff members to share their favourite holiday movie to curl up in front of at this time of year. Here's what they told us:

Scott Chamberlain

Scott Chamberlain (Manager, Client Relations & Support) – "My favourite Christmas movie is National Lampoons Christmas Vacation because it never fails to make me laugh. Always puts me in the holiday spirit as well, it's a tradition for my family to watch it together."

Mital Patel

Mital Patel (Business & Marketing Analyst) – "I'd have to say my #1 all-time favourite holiday movie is Home Alone, with Elf being a close second!  Both movies remind me of that kid at heart during the Holidays... "

Dwayne Brewer

Dwayne Brewer (Account Administrator) – "My favourite Christmas movie is National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. It seems like almost everyone can relate to the Griswold family, even if their family members are not quite as extreme in their behaviours."

One of Dwayne's favourite scenes from the movie:

Clark: Can I refill your eggnog for you? Get you something to eat? Drive you out to the middle of nowhere and leave you for dead?

Eddie: Naw, I'm doing just fine, Clark.