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Easily access your personal or departmental files and other IT Services from off-campus

Author: ITS

Posted on Dec 12, 2011

Category: General Interest

A new VPN, FREE for both Mac and Windows computers, is now available to faculty, staff and graduate students.

Do you work from home and need access to secure IT services like Datatel, Footprints and the CMS or get files saved on your personal and departmental network drives? If you are off-campus, you will need to use UNB's VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access secure services like these.

What are the benefits of the new VPN?
-    Free client for both Mac and Windows computers
-    Easy access through the myUNB Portal
-    Easy to use and access secure UNB IT services from off-campus (ex: personal and departmental network drives, Datatel, Footprints, CMS)
-    Two ways to access the VPN environment (installed client and myUNB Portal)
-    Increased security with newer technology

What is a VPN?
UNB's VPN is a type of network that provides faculty, staff and graduate students with a secure connection to access UNB's secure IT services from off-campus via the internet. By installing and using UNB's VPN on your Mac or Windows computer, you are securely connected to UNB's network just like when you are on campus.

How do I access UNB's new VPN?
UNB's new VPN can be accessed two ways. You can connect to UNB's new VPN using the installed client (installation instructions available on ITS's VPN webpage) or the web client (click the 'VPN' link in your myUNB Portal Quick Launch menu). Note: to access your network drives and Datatel, you will need to use the installed client.

What is the cost of the new VPN client?
UNB's new VPN client is FREE for both Mac and Windows computers.

What is happening with UNB's existing VPN solution?
This new VPN solution is replacing UNB's existing VPN options (remote.unb.ca | Nortel VPN Client | Mac VPN client). To give you time to become familiar with the new VPN environment without impacting your productivity, both the new and existing VPN options will be available until January 30, at which point the existing VPN will be unavailable.  Existing VPN clients should be uninstalled prior to installing the new client.

If you have any questions, please contact the ITS Help Desk.