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Animals Using Technology Exercising 101

Author: ITS

Posted on Dec 14, 2011

Category: General Interest

poodleWho says technology is only for humans? Beginning this month, tidBiTS will be posting articles about the various (and often funny) ways animals have put technology to use in their own ways. Stay tuned and who knows, maybe you’ll even find something you want to try with your four legged critter at home!

We use technology to help us exercise, so why can’t our pets? Check out these two videos of how a pair of cats and a dog named Jerry like to keep fit and have fun:

1. Jerry needs no help paying with his ball – Do you get tired of playing catch with your dog way before he or she does? Try training your pooch to do what Jerry does in this video and you’ll never have to throw a ball again!

2. Treadmill Kittens – Might be a good way to help your indoor cats get exercise, just make sure you set your treadmill to a low speed!