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How to easily get sample text without writing it yourself

Author: ITS

Posted on Mar 23, 2011

Category: Geek Speak , Tips and Tricks

sample textWhen designing a publication, like a brochure, poster, booklet, or newsletter, you may not have the text written and ready, but you might like to have some sample text to help with your layout. Instead of racking your brain trying to type something up quickly or using gibberish text, there is a feature in Word to generate as much text as you need.

To do this, type the following on a new line in a Word document, press ENTER and watch the text magically appear:

=rand(1, 2)

The first number within the brackets indicates how many paragraphs you want created and the second number within the brackets indicates how many sentences you want in that paragraph.  For example:

=rand(1)       inserts one three-sentence paragraph of text.
=rand(1, 1)   inserts one one-sentence paragraph of text.
=rand(1, 2)   inserts one two-sentence paragraph of text.
=rand(2)       inserts two three-sentence paragraphs of text.
=rand(2, 1)   inserts two one-sentence paragraphs of text.
=rand(10)     inserts ten three-sentence paragraphs of text.
…and so on.

So, the next time you want some quick sample text for your project, just remember this neat tip, or you can just do what I did and use it to baffle your friends.