myUNB PortalEarlier this morning, some exciting new features were added to the myUNB Portal along with a new portal login page.

Now when you log in to the myUNB Portal ( ), not only will you see a newly designed and streamlined login page, but also a new feature (or widget) that has been added to your myUNB Portal home page. This new widget, located in the top, right-hand corner, is called ‘My Notifications’.

My Notifications is designed to display information that is personalized to you. Students will see their personal exam schedule and faculty and staff will be notified when new LeaveOnline requests are waiting for action. Also, as elections are held, voting notifications will appear in this area only if you are eligible to vote.

Another notification available to all faculty, staff and students is UNB File Drop. This is a secure way to send large files to UNB faculty, staff and students – . If someone has sent you a file using UNB File Drop, it will appear in My Notifications.

Over time, more categories will be added to the My Notifications widget, and since myUNB is personalized by you, an ‘Opt-Out Preferences’ link has been added to make sure you only see the notifications you want.

We always want your feedback. Send your myUNB Portal ideas or comments by clicking the feedback button on the top or bottom of the myUNB Portal home page or you can email .