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Recycle Program

Author: ITS

Posted on Sep 2, 2010

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recycle Effective September 2010, the ITS Micro Repair Shop, in conjunction with Atlantic E-Waste Solutions of Mapledale New Brunswick, have implemented a program to recycle 100% of the university’s electronic waste (e-waste). Initially this program will focus solely on computer equipment. This includes desktops, towers, laptops, monitors, printers, scanners and associated peripherals. All UNB departments wishing to dispose of equipment will be contacted directly by a member of the ITS Micro Repair Shop to arrange an evaluation of their equipment list. Following the evaluation, the faculty or department will be notified when their equipment can be sent to ITS for processing. Faculties and departments will be responsible for the delivery of their equipment to the ITS Micro Repair Shop for disposal. ITS will determine if the equipment is to be repurposed to other initiatives, such as the Great Student Union Giveaway, or disassembled. ITS will use the parts to repair UNB equipment where possible, while breaking down the rest into recyclable components. All hard drives that can be reused will be wiped prior to being repurposed and if not reusable, will be wiped, destroyed for data security, and recycled. Any questions or concerns should be directed to John Mercer, Martin Hann or Dave Totton.