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ITS Computer Teaching Lab GD108 to get a new look this fall

Author: ITS

Posted on Aug 5, 2010


New Look of the ITS/Engineering computer lab Beginning later this month, one of the lab spaces operated by ITS – Gillian Hall room D108 - is getting a major facelift. This project, which represents a collaborative effort between Integrated Technology Services, the Faculty of Engineering, and the Student Technology Fee, will see the space transformed from a standard computer lab with limited teaching facilities into a start-of-the-art and innovative dual-purpose classroom and computer lab teaching space. The computer lab, which currently hosts 28 Windows XP computers including an instructor’s station, projector, and whiteboard, has been closed for a few months in anticipation of work which will begin by Facilities Management on Monday August 16th. This project was a result of a space review of Head Hall which recommended more classroom space be found for the Faculty of Engineering.  Rather than simply convert it to a classroom/lecture area, ITS entered into discussions to propose the creation of a first of its kind space at UNB to meet the needs of the 21st century student. This hybrid space will be available for classroom style lectures as well as computer instruction.  The computers will be found near the front of the room while the back portion will contain long tables for students to use during lecture times or for work/study.  Accessibility needs and space will also be addressed as part of the renovations. To allow proper lines of sight around the room and for the computer stations to also serve as classroom desks, the computers will be housed in ‘DownView’ desks, which move the computer monitors inside the desks with a clear top allowing for proper viewing. The entire room will be able to access UNB’s wireless network and each seat, including the computer stations, will have easy access to tabletop power outlets for students who choose to bring their personal laptops. The former instructor station desk will undergo a major transformation and be upgraded to a smart-classroom style podium which includes a computer and is height adjustable.  The number of projectors will increase to 2 which includes a dedicated projector for a document camera (the 21st century equivalent of the overhead projector). The redesign will increase the total room capacity from 28 to 58 and will contain 21 computers along with 37 classroom seats. An additional door will also be created as the room will be reversed from its current layout – with the back of the room becoming the front.  New flooring, lighting and paint will complete the space which has an anticipated completion date of October 15, 2010. Total project cost will be approximately $110,000. It is the hope of both groups this space will set a precedent and spur an innovative approach for future computer lab renovations at UNB.