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Help Finish the ITS Mission Statement

Author: ITS

Posted on Oct 26, 2009

Category: Our Community

Tery%20Nikkel%20August%202009.JPG The ITS Leadership team has been working hard on drafting our new Mission and Vision statements—thanks again for your participation in our large group sessions. Before we wrap this process up, though, we would like to get your input for fine-tuning the Mission Statement. As you know, the Mission is a concise, descriptive statement of what we do; the audience is primarily ourselves, but the statement must also be easily understandable to those outside our group and convey a sense of purpose, enthusiasm, and professionalism—a tall order! Please take a few minutes to think about the following (unfinished) statement. How would you complete it? We, Integrated Technology Services, provide the University of New Brunswick with professional services, leadership, and expertise in..... Feel free to submit your suggestions directly to me, tnikkel@unb.ca. We will be getting together once again in the near future to finalize our new Mission and Vision statements!