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BLITS 09 Biggest Loser ITS

Author: ITS

Posted on Sep 22, 2009

Category: Our Community

scale.jpg The 2009 BLITS is now in full force! With three weeks under their belts (pun intended) 13 participants are working together to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. The more support and people there are behind BLITS, the easier it will be for everyone to achieve their goals! After the weigh-in on Sept. 16, the leader is Adam Seymour with a weight loss of 3.12 per cent. Check back often for weight-loss progress charts, new comments and to find out who is in the lead to win a cash prize of $325 ($25 entry fee per person). Let’s give all the participants the encouragement they need to become healthier. - Dave Totton - Scott Chamberlain - Jeff Smith - Kelli McCullum (student) - Bill Hamilton - Kevin Gorman - Rob Faulkner - Greg Rowan - Megan Stewart - Adam Seymour - Jennifer Randall - Kyle McDowell (student) - Adam Beck (student) Just a reminder, the next weigh-in is Wednesday, Sept. 30 at 8:30 a.m. (Room HD69). About BLITS Now in its second year, BLITS is a friendly weight-loss competition open to anyone who is interested in living a healthier lifestyle. The competition runs from the beginning of September to early December, with weigh-ins every two weeks to track each participant’s progress. After the final weigh-in on December 9, the person with the highest weight-loss percentage will win the competition and receive 100% of the prize money ($25 from each participant).