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Colleague maintenance: Some services unavailable Nov. 9-11, 2019

Author: Project FOCUS

Posted on Nov 6, 2019

Category: FOCUS Financials , General updates

As part of Project FOCUS, Financial Services will be performing maintenance on the General Ledger over the long weekend in November to improve its efficiency. This will impact access to administrative systems Nov. 9 to Nov. 11, inclusive.

A full shutdown of Colleague, our enterprise resource planning system, is required however the scheduled dates may be adjusted if maintenance work is completed faster than expected.


Can I submit/check grades during the outage?

Grade submission and viewing will be down during the outage, as will course registration and changes. Class schedules and the class timetable will also be unavailable.

What if I need to change courses over the weekend?

Course changes will not be available to anyone during the outage.

Will D2L be available?

Faculty and students will be able to access and use D2L normally during the Colleague outage. However, no changes can be made to courses or class registrations. For example, no new courses can be added, and students cannot be enrolled into existing courses while Colleague is shut down. The system data will be as it was immediately before the outage.

What won’t be available during the outage?

The following are just a few examples of services which will not be available:

  • Students will not be able to view marks, student account balances, etc.
  • Students will not be able to make course changes through UNB’s online registration system
  • Employees will not be able to view, enter or approve timesheets
  • Information such as financial account balances, online payroll advices, vacation balances, etc., will not be accessible

Why is this work being undertaken?

Completing this maintenance will provide more efficient and effective services. The initiative is designed to help UNB harness the full potential of our enterprise resource planning system, which touches almost every aspect of academic and administrative life at the university.