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UNB nursing professor launches exhibit displaying how cancer affects lives in our community

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Posted on Aug 21, 2015

Category: UNB Fredericton , UNB Saint John

Dr. Krista Wilkins from the Faculty of Nursing at the University of New Brunswick and Fredericton Region Museum have launched a new exhibit highlighting the effects of cancer.

On display at the Fredericton Region Museum, the exhibit entitled Stories of Those Affected by Cancer, features original works from the local community such as essays, poetry and artwork about how cancer has affected their lives. It also includes a display of stories and photographs collected from Dr. Wilkins’ research on what it is like to have cancer multiple times.  The exhibit will be on display for the rest of the year.

"People with multiple cancers asked me for a forum in which to tell their story. They were often excluded from cancer research on the basis of their cancer history. This research study gives voice to people with multiple cancers and captures the essence of their every day experience," said Wilkins.

There are differences in how people experience each cancer diagnosis. This means we cannot assume that having one cancer is the same as having cancer multiple times. People need information about each cancer diagnosis and treatment. People will be in different life situations from one cancer to the next. That means the support they need, will also change.

We need to support people in ways that fit their current life situation. It is also important to recognize the burdens and blessings that come from having cancer multiple times – both are possible. What is clear is that for many people their cancer story is not over after having cancer once; it is not always a one-time deal.

Cancer is always personal. Each person’s cancer story is unique. Each person finds their way through cancer; a way that shapes how they experience and respond to it.  Dr. Wilkins’ research shows us that the everyday experience of having cancer multiple times is not the same as having cancer once.

Anyone interested in submitting their story to be featured in this exhibit can find more information by calling the Fredericton Region Museum at (506) 455-6041.

For more information about Dr. Wilkins’ cancer research, please contact Dr. Wilkins at the Faculty of Nursing (506) 447-3077 or cancerresearch@unb.ca.

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