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Welcome to myUNB News

Author: Communications

Posted on Aug 2, 2013

Category: UNB Fredericton , UNB Saint John

Announcing my UNB News, the new way to share UNB notices within the UNB community.

 myUNB News is for UNB-related notices only within the following categories:

- Athletics, Recreation and Wellness
- Employment News
- Financial Aid
- News and Notices
- Student Organizations

 All events are to be submitted to the events calendar at https://es.unb.ca/apps/eventscalendar/post-event/

 All of the articles that have been previously submitted to eDaily or Student eNews have been lost. Please resubmit any current notices to www.unb.ca/advancement/communications/article-submission-guidelines

 There are three ways to receive myUNB News:

1. Through the myUNB News widget located on my.unb.ca

2. By checking daily at https://blogs.unb.ca/myunbnews/, http://blogs.unb.ca/myunbnews-s-fr/, or http://blogs.unb.ca/myunbnews-s-sj/

3. Or you can receive emails/RSS feeds by subscribing to the above blogs.

If you chose to view myUNB News through my.unb.ca you will only see articles that are related to your primary affiliation (i.e. if you are faculty/staff you will only see articles from that particular blog).  To view the other myUNB news blogs, you can do so by clicking on the appropriate link underneath the myUNB News widget.

To submit an article:

1.     Go to www.unb.ca/advancement/communications/article-submission-guidelines

2.     Once you’ve read the myUNB News Guidelines, click on "Submit a News Article."

3.     This will take you to the submission form entitled, UNB News – Article Submission Form.  *Note that your name and email address is automatically populated from the information you’ve provided at the log in screen and will be published with your announcement.

4.     Once you’ve completed the submission, click on "Submit Article."

5.     You will then see a confirmation that your submission has been successfully submitted.

6.     Your article will be approved by the appropriate party prior to appearing on my.unb.ca


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