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Advisors selected for UNB s Office of Human Rights and Positive Environment

Author: Communications

Posted on May 27, 2013

Category: UNB Fredericton , UNB Saint John

The Office of Human Rights and Positive Environment at the University of New Brunswick is pleased to announce that four current staff members have been selected as advisors.

The advisors will act as an additional first point of contact for any member of the UNB community who feels they have a human rights, discrimination or harassment issue.

The advisors will offer active non-judgmental listening and confidential consultations. They will provide information on what constitutes harassment, sexual harassment or discrimination under UNB's policies, and will explain initial strategies that people can implement themselves if desired.

Advisors are appointed by the vice-president (Fredericton) and vice-president (Saint John), and report to the human rights officer.

Please join us in welcoming the following Advisors to their new role:

Alèx Carleton - professional development delivery officer, CEL.

Alèx has worked across Canada providing training and solutions in both official languages for a variety of government departments. With a background in education and computer programming, Alèx is especially aware of some of the challenges associated with being an adult learner in a university setting. Alèx believes that everyone has the right to be respected and feel safe. She is a good listener and can help guide clients in a positive direction. Alèx can be reached by email or at the College of Extended Learning attached to the Wu Centre.

Janice El-Bayoumi - director, quality assurance & process management, ITS.

Janice has a formal background in education and leadership, and is a long-time employee of UNB.  Most of Janice's UNB career has been at ITS, where fostering collaboration, cooperation and positive relationships have been key components of her positions. She has been in both supervisory and non-supervisory roles, and brings a broad range of experiences to her work in the Office of Human Rights. Janice can be reached by email or (506) 453-3551.

Michelle Cook - business development officer, Saint John College.

Michelle brings experience in building effective relationships around a set of common goals.  She is always willing to assist and is committed to working with individuals to foster dignity and respect, ensuring everyone is supported. Alongside Michelle’s training and experience exists a genuine concern and respect for people that make her right for this role. Michelle can be reached by email or (506) 648-5903.

Patti Douglass - faculty administrative officer/assistant to the dean of science.

Patti has worked in the Faculty of Science at UNB since January of 2005 and has previous experience with administration in both the insurance and health care/rehabilitation sectors.  Available to assist faculty, staff, and students alike, Patti has an "open door" policy to provide confidential listening and advice.  This welcoming, professional, and unbiased approach accents her firm understanding and value for confidentiality, respect, and equality.  Patti can be reached by email, by phone at (506) 453-4841, or in person at the Dean of Science Office, Room 109 of the Physics/Admin building.

Please feel free to contact an advisor or Barbara Roberts, human rights officer, with any questions you may have.

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