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Orientation to Running an Entrepreneurial Organization

Author: Communications

Posted on Feb 7, 2013

Category: UNB Saint John

Orientation to Running an Entrepreneurial Organization (O.R.E.O.), a business management competition for high school students, will be held at UNB Saint John on February 15.

During the competition, students are permitted to seek advice from consultants, who are faculty, senior students, and business community partners. Entrepreneurs judge team performance, strategy and business leadership during afternoon presentations and students are provided with feedback and contacts in support of their future academic and career interests.

By using a business simulation game that runs for approximately four hours, teams of students manage a company and make all the decisions regarding the product, price, and promotion for a six-week period.

"O.R.E.O. is a great way to introduce students to some of the actual issues involved in running a business such as marketing, setting prices, purchasing equipment, borrowing money, and staff training," said Brenda Collings, O.R.E.O. coordinator for UNB Saint John's faculty of business. 

The event's major sponsor, The New Brunswick Institute of Chartered Accountants, rewards the top three teams with cash awards totaling $4,000. In addition, the members of the top eight teams receive a tuition credit of $200 if they choose to attend UNB.

For more information contact Heather Campbell.

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