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A promise for more education - Telegraph-Journal

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Posted on Jul 18, 2011

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SAINT JOHN - UNBSJ is determined to ensure that money is not an obstacle preventing Hazen-White/St. Francis School students from attending university.

Very quietly over the past couple of years, campus vice-president Robert MacKinnon and Peter McGuire, who co-ordinates the relationship between that school and UNBSJ, have been working to ensure children feel at home on campus at a young age and have launched what they are calling the Promise Partnership.

"Our promise from the university to those kids at Hazen-White is that we'll throw everything at them, including the kitchen sink, to have them get through high school and go on to post secondary," McGuire said.

"We want them here."

One of the challenges is to get sufficient scholarship and bursary money in place, the men agree.

Already, Brunswick Pipeline has committed first-year scholarships to 10 students to pay for tuition, books and residence; those future UNBSJ students are in high school today.

"Our overall strategy is trying to grow our scholarship and bursary program," MacKinnon said.

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