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Saint John Construction Association Raises 25 845 for Bernardo Giovanna Rocca Bursary at UNB Saint John

Author: Communications

Posted on Jun 29, 2011

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The Saint John Construction Association Honorary Life Membership Dinner, honouring the career of Bernardo Rocca, has raised $25,845 in support of the Bernardo & Giovanna Rocca Bursary at UNB Saint John. The dinner was held on October 28, 2010 and the cheque was recently presented to the University of New Brunswick’s Saint John campus. The additional funds for the bursary will help to increase the value of the annual award. “It was a great evening of celebration,” notes Pat Darrah, Executive Director of the Saint John Construction Association and UNB Saint John honorary degree recipient. “Bernardo Rocca is one of the best examples of how our industry believes in the power of higher education, in all its forms. It was fitting to recognize this belief by contributing to the Bernardo & Giovanna Rocca Bursary at UNB Saint John.” The Bernardo & Giovanna Rocca Bursary was established in 1993 in honour of the couple’s 50th wedding anniversary and the sacrifices Giovanna made raising their children alone for 12 years while her husband established himself in Canada. Today, the bursary is awarded on the basis of need to a single mother studying at UNB’s Saint John campus. More than $14,000 has been awarded since the creation of the bursary. “Our donors are exceptional people who find ways to translate their own life experiences into opportunities to benefit others,” said Robert MacKinnon, Vice-President of UNB’s Saint John campus. “The Bernardo & Giovanna Rocca Bursary is changing lives and we are honored to be the host campus for this award.” The donation by the Saint John Construction Association will be eligible for the New Brunswick University Opportunities Fund’s fifty percent match. More information about supporting UNB is available online at, by phone at 506-453-5120 or email