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UNB s Renaissance College celebrates ten years

Author: Communications

Posted on Feb 24, 2011

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Celebrating the past, challenging the present and creating the future will be the theme of the 10th anniversary celebrations at the University of New Brunswick’s Renaissance College. Located on Charlotte Street at the foot of the UNB campus in Fredericton, Renaissance College offered the country’s first bachelor’s degree program in leadership studies.  It will celebrate its 10th anniversary March 18 and 19.  As with most activities at the college, the celebration will be a series of smaller gatherings where alumni, students, college founders, mentors, integrators and staff can reconnect, learn and get energized. “After a decade, Renaissance College’s proof of performance is in what the students discover here and what they do with it,” said Eddy Campbell, UNB’s president and vice-chancellor.  “We have solid proof that they are doing wonderful things wherever they are.  It will be fascinating to see them and learn more about how their Renaissance College experience has helped them.” “Students tell us they learn how to think differently while at Renaissance College,” said Ted Needham, dean. “By discussing issues and experiencing them, our young leaders learn how to analyze a situation from many points of view, how to problem-solve at a deep level, and they gain confidence so options that seemed impossible become possible.” One key element in student growth is the use of national and international internships all over Canada and in Vietnam, Bhutan, Ecuador, Japan and Africa, to name several locations. “It isn’t just about learning... it’s learning about,” said Dr. Needham. “Students have to understand another culture and how relationships work within the culture.  They become comfortable dealing with the uncomfortable. When they return, they share what they have learned with other students and staff.  This year we’re placing students in Sri Lanka for the first time where among other activities they will also study the effectiveness of micro-loans to relieve poverty.” Renaissance College students learn from each other, as well as from a respected group of integrators, staff, and experienced mentors from the community.  They understand how the interdisciplinary content relates to their future on a local, provincial, national and international level.  Each student finds their own path in an area they are passionate about and that’s why, ten years later, you will find our alumni in just about every field you can imagine from marketing to law to medicine to organic farming to business and working for not-for-profit organizations.


For further information contact: Jo Anne Colford Administrative Assistant Renaissance College, UNB 506-452-6247