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Travel study programs offer many benefits

Author: Communications

Posted on Dec 13, 2010

Category: In the Media

The University of New Brunswick (UNB) offers curious travellers of all ages unique, international opportunities to travel and learn. Anyone who is interested in taking a different approach to travel can sign up for travel study programs to France, London, New York City, or Rome during spring 2011. University students can earn credit toward their degrees. Non-students can enjoy a foreign experience that is more than visiting a destination as a tourist, rather it is actually living in the community and learning just as the locals do. There are a multitude of benefits to choosing to travel with a study tour. Participants of UNB Travel Study programs are accompanied by university professors, who are expert professionals; they know the country, its literature, the culture, the language, economy, and/or the political landscape; and they take you there and open doors that are not open to tourists. "For example, partakers in intersession in France will see places like the Sorbonne University, the Senate of France, UNESCO, the Bank of France, all institutions that are not open to tourists," said Constantine Passaris, a UNB professor who leads students in the France program. "We are permitted access because of our academic credentials." Developing a global mindset is another advantage afforded to participants. We live in a globalized society, and we need an appreciation of the rest of the world. Travel study programs make that a reality in a way that cannot be done in a classroom. "It is important for our students and the New Brunswick community at this stage to be exposed to the international ramifications, to go outside of N.B., to in a sense go outside of our comfort zones and look at the rest of the world," said Passaris. Read the full story at the Daily Gleaner.